The Delta-Zero® and Kinetic Convertor® technology represents a best-of-breed creation in a new category of highly efficient pumping technology.  The pump efficiency and low maintenance characteristics are due mainly to the simple design.  A combination of the best attributes from the principles of centrifugal pumps, positive displacement diaphragm to peristaltic pumping systems.  The process is exceptionally forgiving, allowing a processing range to vary from water, particulate media to paste, all with the same unit.   

Delta – ZERO


The system uses the energy generated by a water pump with water pump efficiencies, which transfers the energy through a wear-resistant flexible membrane within a pressure vessel to the driven media.  At all times, the pressures on either side of the membrane are balanced, hence the name Delta-Zero®.

A maximum of 800m3/hr is obtained by a single unit and only require a maximum of six days per year for maintenance (giving a maintenance availability of 98.5%).  Each system is designed for an operational life of 20 years at 100% of the design efficiency, therefore reducing replacement costs of normal pumping systems which are typically replaced every 5 to 6 years of operation