If you are looking for a supplier of high quality and reliable coalescing filters in South Africa, you will get what you need from EPF Systems. EPF Systems is a multi-faceted company offering engineering, filtration and fabrication service to our clients and their various needs. Our wide range of industrial coalescers at EPF Systems will meet any needs you may have regarding separation filtration, making us a leading coalescer / coalsescing filter supplier in South Africa.

Included in our range of products and services are a variety of coalescing filters / coalescers for our clients’ coalescing requirements. If you require more information about our coalescing filters for your specific application needs, talk to a consultant today at the leading supplier of coalescing filters in South Africa. Our team will provide you with the best coalescing products that will meet your expectations.


About Coalescing filters from EPF Systems in South Africa

Coalescing filtration involves the removal of water and oil aerosols from compressed air, as well as other solid contaminates. The presence of water and oil aerosols in a compressed air system can cause damage to or the malfunction of sensitive equipment and instrumentation. Removing these contaminates by means of a coalescer will this help to protect the equipment from being damaged.

A coalescer features a coalescing filter element, fitted in a micro glass casing. The inner layer of the filter contains fine fibre, which will capture the fine liquid aerosols and droplets. These small droplets will bond to form bigger drops, which will ultimately be pushed t o the outside of the filter, and captured in the bowl of the filter.

EPF Systems supplies a range of coalescing filters suitable for different applications within compressed air systems. Our range of coalescers include:

  • Micro-LOK G Series: The Mikro-Lock has been designed for the removal of entrained low surface tension mist and aerosols (liquid and solid contaminant). The elements of the Mikro-Lock G Series coalescing filters are available in a number of specifications regarding grades and efficiencies. Contact EPF Systems today for more information about our coalescing filters from this leading coalescer suppliers in South Africa.
  • JPEX Series: The JPEX Series is a natural gas filter that has been designed to separate extremely fine liquid particles from natural gas. The gas flows from the inside to the outside of the filter, removing liquid droplets while reducing the gas velocity. This coalescing series is widely used in chemical plants, offering an efficient coalescer for the removal of liquid and other contaminates from natural gas. For more information about this coalescing filter from EPF Systems, contact the trusted coalescer supplier in South Africa today.
  • Twist-LOK Series: The Twist-LOK Series is a superior coalescing filter for the purpose of removing liquid and solid contaminants from natural and process gas. The unique and patent pending “twist and lock” mechanism offers the ability to customize the filter and cartridges to meet the specific application requirements and conditions. The Twist-LOK Series coalescer features separate First and Second stage elements, for efficient removal of liquid and solid contaminates. For more information about the Twist-LOK Series, contact the leading supplier of coalecing filters / coalescers in South Africa today.
G series
jpex series
twist lok series

EPF Systems – Leading supplier of Coalescers / Coalescing filters in South Africa

When it comes to the best coalescing filters / coalescers, EPF Systems can assist. We will advise you on the best coalescing filter, series and elements available for your needs and operational requirements, and offer technical support so that you can get the best performance from your filter. Contact the leading suppliers of coalescers in South Africa for a quote today. Talk to a consultant at EPF Systems about your compressed air separation filtration needs.