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Coalescing filters generally have one main function and that is to remove any liquid oil and water from a compressed air or gas stream and trap it in a vessel. A secondary purpose for these types of filters is to remove any particulate matter in the stream.

  • JC Fiberglass Phase Coalescing Filter Elements are designed to coalesce two immiscible liquid phases within a stream to aid separation.
  • Ultra Fine Depth Style Microglass Vapor Phase Coalescing Filter Elements are reverse flow coalescing elements designed for the removal of entrained low surface tensions mists and aerosols
  • Polypropylene Vapor Phase Coalescing Elements are available in all the configurations and sealing styles of a traditional JPMG fiberglass coalescing filter,
  • Available in literally hundreds of configurations and sealing styles, the JPMG Pleated Depth Vapor Phase Coalescing Filter Elements are an industry work horse is reverse flow coalescing.
  • JOS Air Oil Separator Coalescing Elements are designed to coalesce extremely fine liquid particles down to 0.3 microns from a natural gas stream.