If you are looking for filtration companies in South Africa, look no further because EPF Systems can assist. EPF Systems is a leading filtration company in Gauteng, assisting many of our clients with their filtration system and components needs.

EPF Systems supplies filtration systems designed by top international manufacturers, that also offers professional installation and technical support to ensure that you get effective usage from your product. For more information about our filtration systems you can talk to a consultant at EPF Systems who will supply you with all the information and support you require.

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Filtration systems supplied by EPF Systems – Filtration company

 As a leading engineering, pumping and filtration company, we supply a wide range of filtration systems widely used in many industrial environments. Contact us today for more information about any of the following filtration systems supplied by EPF Systems:

Wet filtration systems: EPF Systems have partnered with Jonell Filtration Group, a leading in the manufacturing of wet filtration systems. Jonell Filtration Group provides industries with a variety of filtration / separation solutions to fit their specific maintenance and operating needs. Read more about wet filtration systems supplied by EPF Systems, leading filtration company in South Africa.

Dry filtration systems: DELTA NEU is a leading dry filtration manufacturing company based in France, known worldwide for their high-tech and efficient dry air filtration / separation systems. EPF Systems supplies a wide range of DELTA NEU’s dry air filtration system to clients in South Africa. EPF Systems is a registered agent, qualified to provide clients with a full design and implementation service. Read more about DELTA NEU’s dry air filtration systems supplied by EPF Systems.

Coalescing filters: If you require a coalescing filter that will effectively separate liquid oil and water from a compressed air or gas stream while capturing it in a vessel, talk to the team at EPF Systems today. As a leading filtration company in South Africa, you will find a range of coalescing filters manufactured by the leading brand, Jonell Filtration Group.

Pneumatic waste systems: If you require a pneumatic waste handling system that involves the transport of waste through gravity shoots to a desired location, let EPF Systems assist. EPF Systems will assess your needs, and design and implement an effective pneumatic waste collection system for your process needs. Our pneumatic waste handling systems are manufactured by the leading filtration company, DELTA NEU. Contact EPF Systems about our pneumatic waste handling systems today.

Desalination systems: Desalination systems have been designed to convert seawater into drinking water, and is widely used in industrial coastal areas, ships, resorts, municipalities and more. EPF Systems supplies a number of desalination systems (designed by Applied Membrane Inc., suitable for different application needs. Read more about the desalination systems and support available from EPF Systems, leading choice of filtration companies in South Africa.

EPF Systems – leading engineering, pumping, filtration and air compressor company

EPF Systems is a well-round company specialising in a number of industrial products and services including air compressor systems, pumps, engineering services as well as supplying a range of filtration systems for various needs. If you are looking for a company in South Africa, that will supply you with a filtration system design that has been customised for your specific application, contact EPF Systems today. Our team will also provide assistance and technical support to ensure hassle-free functioning and a satisfying performance from your system.  Contact EPF Systems today – a professional consultant will advise you on the best filtration system available that will meet your requirements.