Large Air Compressors for Sale in Gauteng from EPF Systems

If you are searching for large air compressors for sale in Gauteng, EPF Systems can assist. EPF Systems is a leading distributor of large air compressors for industrial use; you can expect top quality branded air compressors from a leading international manufacturer.

A consultant at EPF Systems will provide you with all the information you need so that you can obtain a large air compressor in Gauteng that meets your expectations and your needs.  Contact EPF Systems today for more information about our selection of large air compressors for sale in Gauteng.


Range of air compressors for sale from EPF Systems in Gauteng

EPF Systems distributes and provides support of one of the leading air compressor brands around the world – KAESER COMPRESSOREN. Manufactured in Germany, air compressors for sale in Gauteng by KAESER COMPRESSOREN provide users with high quality and durable systems, featuring sleek and modern casings. Two popular air compressors for sale in Gauteng from EPF Systems manufactured by KAESER COMPRESSOREN include:

MOBILAIR e series

MOBILAIR: Manufactured by KAESER COMPRESSOREN, the MOBILAIR is a mobile air compressor unit, offering users a versatile, mobile and easy to use air compressor for various needs. This air compressor unit is durable, low maintenance and is able to deliver 15 Bar of pressure.  Automatic monitoring ensures easy managing of the air compressor system and automatic shutdown capabilities are included for the user’s benefit.

BOOSTER N SERIES: Comprising of a selection of high performance reciprocating compressors, the N-Series Booster range has been designed to enhance your existing air compressor system, providing even more pressure in selected areas. The Booster can increase pressure up to 45 Bar, and because it is also manufactured by the leading air compressor suppliers, KAESER COMPRESSOREN, it is integrates seamlessly with your existing KAESER air compressor. The Booster N Series range comprises of one, two and three cylinder boosters to meet the different needs of our clients.

Uses and applications of air compressors

An air compressor is a piece of equipment that converts power into potential energy, by means of an electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine. More air is forced into a tank which increases the pressure, providing the user with powerful compressed air that can be used in a number of applications. Air compressors are widely used in applications such as to inflate tyres, supply power to jack hammers and other machinery, cleaning equipment and many more – the uses of air compressors are endless. If you are purchasing an air compressor for sale for industrial use, it is important that you purchase a high quality brand form a reputable supplier to ensure the performance and durability you desire. Talk to a consultant at EPF Systems today about air compressors for sale for industrial application.

EPF Systems – leading engineering, pumping, filtration and air compressor company

EPF Systems is a multi-faceted company specialising in a number of industrial products and services including air compressor systems, pumps, filtration systems as well as professional engineering services. If you are looking for a specific large air compressor for sale in Gauteng for a specific application, contact EPF Systems today. A professional consultant will advise you on the best product available that will meet your requirements.