With nearly a century of experience in machine construction and engineering,
KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is one of the world’s leading compressor manufacturers
and compressed air systems providers. KAESER’s comprehensive
range of products and services ensures that every compressed air system
user is provided with a solution that meets his or her exact requirements.

Air Compressor Enquiries

Compact powerhouses

The 15-bar version is the ideal choice for trench-less laying of glass fiber cables or for leakage tests. In addition, the compressor can be equipped with an external compressed air after cooler for certain applications that may require cool and condensate-free compressed air.

Brochure for M13, M15 and M17


Portable compressors with Anti-Frost control

KAESER’s patented Anti-Frost Control automatically adjusts operating temperature according to ambient temperature. Together with the optional tool lubricator, this not only prevents tools from freezing, but also extends air tool service life and availability.

Exceptional power and versatility

Optionally available with synchronous generators and/or compressed air treatment components, these compressors are also offered in various maximum pressure versions.


Efficiency and performance with SIGMA control

‘SIGMA CONTROL MOBIL’ compressor control system is simple to use and precisely matches motor power to actual compressed air demand. This significantly enhances both compressed air availability and fuel efficiency.



The new e-power portable compressors truly come into their own wherever an electrical power connection is available. Their whisper-quiet electric drive makes them the perfect choice for use in noise protection and low emission zones. Compressed air applications in tunnels and within buildings are tamed by the compressors’ emissions-free drive.



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