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We will provide you with a suitable solution for your compressed air needs, and will assist you with technical support when it comes to our systems and products. Contact EPF Systems today for more information about our compressed air systems available.


What is an air compressor system?

An air compression system is a piece of equipment that is used to convert power into potential energy, which is stored in the form of compressed air. An electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine is used to convert the power into potential energy, that is then stored in a storage tank. The compressed air is then used in for certain functions when required. An air compressor system can be used is a number of different applications, such as filling tyres with air, filling gas tanks, powering certain pneumatic tools, supplying clean air to a diver, and many industrial processes that require large volumes of moderate-pressure air. The uses of compressed air systems are diverse, which is why EPF Systems supplies a range of compressed air systems to meet the various needs of our clients in South Africa. Talk to a consultant at EPF System today about our range of compressed air systems available for your specific needs.

About Air Compressor Systems from EPF Systems in South Africa

EPF Systems is a trusted supplier of air compressor systems in South Africa, supplying a selection of compressed air systems manufactured by a leading company, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is known across the world for their innovation and technology when it comes to air compressor systems (specifically rotary screw compressors), and is considered one of the most successful suppliers of air compressor systems. Trust EPF Systems to provide you with innovative products and excellent customer service and technical support when purchasing an air compressor system from the leading suppliers in town. We offer the following range of air compressor systems, designed by KAESER KOMPRESSOREN:

  • MOBILAIR: The MOBILAIR by KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is a mobile air compressor system that is extremely versatile and easy to use. This system provides excellent component accessibility, and is low maintenance. This portable air compressor system is able to deliver up to 15 bar of pressure. Features also include automatic monitoring and shutdown capabilities, and the ability to automatically adjusts operating temperature.
  • BOOSTER N SERIES: The N-Series Booster range is a range of high performance, reciprocating compressors, to enhance your existing system pressure in specific areas. Pressure can be increased to up to 45 bar. This range of compressor boosters work together seamlessly with your KAESER rotary screw compressors. Choose between the one, two and three cylinder N-Series boosters to meet your application needs. benefits of the N-Series Boosters from KAESER includes continuous high-pressure operation capabilities, exceptionally low oil usage and aiding in energy cost savings. Talk t the leading air compression systems suppliers today for more information about this booster range from KAESER.
  • COMPRESSED AIR TREATMENT: Compressed air treatment systems provide excellent operation over the long term, with high process reliability and cost efficiency. Applications if the compressed air treatments include excellent pure air and clean-room technology used in dairies, breweries and a number of food production facilities. The systems are also used in chemical plants, for clean air conveying to name a few. Contact EPF Systems, leading supplier of air compressor systems for compressed air treatment for more information, uses and benefits of the KAESER systems.
  • AIR RECEIVERS: Our range of KAESER air receivers offer up to 10 000 liters storage with a maximum of 50 bar pressure. These air receivers offer optimal corrosion resistance and require inspection intervals up to five years.

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