If you are looking for an effective and efficient water filtration system in South Africa, you will find what you need at EPF Systems. EPF Systems is a leading service provider in the field of wet filtration systems and water filtration systems, providing clients with quality filtration systems and professional technical support for optimal system performance.

If you require a water filtration system for a specific purpose, contact the team at EPF Systems today for professional assistance and advice. Read more below about the water filtration systems supplied by EPF Systems, or contact us today for a quote.


Residential and Industrial Water Filtration Systems from EPF Systems

Whatever your water filtration needs, EPF Systems can assist. EPF Systems provides quality and effective water filtration systems for residential and industrial use.

Residential water filtration systems: Water can contain dirt, minerals, chemicals and other impurities that can make it smell and taste bad, as well as bacteria that can be harmful to your health. A home water purification system will ensure that you have clean and fresh drinking water, without you needing to worry about the condition of the water coming out of your taps. EPF Systems provides a very effective residential water filtration system, namely the Mobi drop water filtration system. This is a plug and play system, meaning that is easily installed in any type of water source to get clean drinking water out for your home use. The user-friendly Mobi drop-e control panel allows you to manage your system remotely on any smart device. Enquire about our residential water filtration system available for your home water purification needs today.

Industrial water filtration systems: Industrial water filtration systems are larger and more complex, and ideal to treat and purify river water, ground water, brackish water and sea water. The growing need for viable water supply creates the need for effective treatment solutions to reach high quality potable water. EPF Systems provide effective water filtration systems for Industrial Wastewater and Municipal Wastewater, as well as a Compact solution for pre-engineered structures that is easy to transport and install. Read more about our Industrial Water Filtration Systems in South Africa available from EPF Systems.

Get the best water filtration system from EPF Systems – South African Filtration Company

Clean water is essential for everyone. If you require a water filtration system for home or industrial use, let the professionals assist. Our quality and state-of-the-art water filtration systems will help you to purify the specific water source for your application needs. The team from EPF Systems are professional and experienced, and will provide you with all the technical support needed for effective performance of your water filtration system. Contact EPF Systems today for more information about our range of residential and industrial water filtration systems available.