Looking for quality wet filtration systems for sale? EPF Systems can assist. EPF Systems is a leading filtration, pumping and engineering company, supplying a range of quality industrial systems from top manufacturers. EPF System’s experienced team will help you to find the best wet filtration system for your needs.

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Range of wet filtration systems from EPF Systems

EPF Systems supplies a range of wet filtration systems designed and engineered by Jonell Filtration Group, a renowned company in the filtration industry. Jonell Filtration Group offers a number of filtration/separation solutions to fit your specific maintenance and operating needs. EPF Systems supplies the following wet filtration systems for sale:

JXC Series: The JXC Series wet filtration system has been designed for applications of large flow requirements. This robust high flow capacity, high efficiency system features liquid filtration pleated bag replacement cartridges to ensure a longer lifespan and excellent dirt holding capabilities. See the JCX Series brochure for details and specifications. Enquire about this industrial wet filtration system for sale from EPF Systems today.

JHF Series: The JHF Series wet filtration system is an inside to outside filtration system, featuring high flow capacity and high efficiency wet filtration / separation. Available in various grades, these large surface area pleated media cartridges are customisable and designed to provide the best combination of particle removal efficiency and contaminant holding capability. Read more about the JHF System make an enquiry today.

JJ Series: The JJ wet filtration system is a consistently reliable separation system with a trapping effectiveness of up to 99%. Available in a number of lengths and diameters, this system’s cartridges offers unique filtration design to maximise particle retention and service life. Read more about the JJ Series wet filtration system available from EPF Systems.

JSI JST Series: The JSI JST Series wet filtration system features a two-stage filtration design with the purpose of maximising particle retention and service life in viscous fluid filtration applications. Filter cartridges of this wet filtration system are available in eight different sizes, to meet a range of application requirements. Read more about the JSI JST wet filtration system specifications and uses, available from EPF Systems.

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